Lundi 09 mai 2011

Land of Chaos Online

burda:ic, a leading publisher of online games worldwide, today announced that a hellish new character is springing into action as Easter arrives on the battlefields of LOCO – Land of Chaos Online: Kalimah. Players everywhere can now try out this undead killer’s ranged abilities firsthand as they participate in the egg-filled Easter festivities. Happy Hunting!

Kalimah, once known as Alex Rozz, is the father of Loco Gold regular Randy Rozz. Unlike his bounty-hunting son, Kalimah was a terribly evil man in life, a feared serial killer who ultimately committed suicide and was sent straight to hell. Freshly returned from the fiery pits, this cannon-wielding combatant has a demonic new look to go with his oversized bazooka. Players looking to strike fear in the hearts of their peers should definitely give him a try today.
The Easter festivities in Loco Gold will run through May 11, giving players the chance to earn an egg every day that contains everything from Chance Tickets to Skill Scrolls and Refining Potions. Players can also collect Easter eggs holding letters by completing a special Loco Coins Easter Mission Board. Dedicated gatherers who find enough to spell out "Happy Easter" will be able to show off their hoppy side with a set of wearable bunny ears for their favorite character.

For more information about Kalimah and the Easter events in LOCO - Land of Chaos Online Gold, visit the official website at our site. The best Loco Coins price: The purpose to transaction is reaching a deal and the crucial factor for a transaction’s success is to find out a best price. We supply you the lowest price on this market with our great effort. The quickest transaction completion: We promise that we are able to provide Loco Gold within 4-12 hours at best price in best way.
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Vendredi 06 mai 2011

This wasn’t our first rodeo

Twelve years ago, several brave adventurers took their first steps into the world of EverQuest and helped to shape the MMO genre. Now, Sony Online Entertainment is gearing up to celebrate all the myriad achievements between that first day and now -- and the company is kicking everything off with a huge giveaway just perfect for dedicated Norrathians! Earlier today SOE announced a Facebook contest that will hook a dozen lucky winners up with a full year of EverQuest game time. However, much like the game it honors, this giveaway quest is only for those adventurers who savor a challenge.
Starting today, the Rift Gold community team will post a daily image on Facebook that has a trivia question on it. All you have to do is drop by the EverQuest Facebook page, look at the image, and mail your answer in to the company’s contest email address. From there, one winner will be picked from all the correct answers received each day until all 12 days’ worth of giveaways are done. So, if you’re up on your Norrathian trivia and would like to land some free game time, then point your browser at the Rift Gold Facebook page and check out all the details!
And we’re not just talking about your skimpy outfits, oh no. Your political system, your endgame, your Westernized (whatever that means) makeover... all of these have conspired to leave us breathless with anticipation.
Fortunately, we were able to take TERA for a spin at this week’s Rift Gold 2011. Along with help from a PUG comprised of En Masse Entertainment staffers, we ventured deep inside the game’s Smuggler’s Hideout, battling BAMS (En Masse shorthand for big-ass monsters) and checking out the title’s streamlined UI and spiffy combat mechanics. Join us after the cut for a brief recap of the demo as well as an interview with producer Brian Knox during which we (politely) demanded a definition for the much-discussed concept of Westernization.
This wasn’t our first rodeo when it comes to hands-on time with TERA, and while we’ll stop short of proclaiming ourselves experts, it does bear mentioning that the game’s combat is at once familiar and undeniably fun. Cheap Rift Gold avatar was a Berserker, and those of you who’ve played already know that the class is a heavy DPS variant that had us building up our blue mana bar with abandon (which allows the firing of specials and is charged by the use of a left-click attack). En Masse’s demo crew made sure to educate us on TERA’s whip-smart AI and the way mobs can become enraged, the way they hint that they’re about to unleash a larger-than-normal can of whoop-ass, and how they split up into roles much like players do (some mobs will tank, others will Cheap Rift Gold heal, etc.).
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Mercredi 04 mai 2011

For its part

Dateline: Thursday, February 24th, 12:55 p.m. EST. After having rushed home from work (huzzah for a half-day), I was frantically putting the kids to bed for an afternoon nap and patching up my client. Twitter was abuzz with gamers sitting at the starting gate and revving their mice. It was here. After seven betas, it was here, and we would be the first in the door.
12:59 p.m. EST. Began checking the server status list, trying to will the dull grey names to light up as they eve isk signified activity.
1:00 p.m. EST. Scott Hartsman posts a short message on Twitter: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to eve isk."
Right on cue, the servers came up, and what felt like the entire population of Oregon tried to cram into the game all at once. By 1:01 p.m., when I logged in, my chosen server of Faeblight was already full and had 461 people in the queue. I was 462. It would be another 45 minutes until I was able to play the game proper.
So with RIFT’s head-start and official launch out of the way, what’s the number one topic on everyone’s lips? It’s hard to buy eve isk, because it’s a tie between "WHEE! This is fuuuun!" and "Oh em gee, what’s up with these horrendous queue times?"
Depending on which of the 29 original servers you and your guild chose, the wait to log in could be instantaneous, measured in minutes, or drawn out for many, many hours. I’ll admit it: It was bad. Later on Thursday, I had to start my logging in process a full three hours before I knew I was going to be able to play, just because of the queues.
It wasn’t just the crush of people but the fact that buy eve isk the initial few days in the game represented an abnormality in normal play -- nobody wanted to log out and give up his spot. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t attempt to hire a local teenager to sit at my computer during the day, occasionally tapping on the keyboard so my character didn’t get booted due to being /eve isk.
The forums, naturally, erupted in the kinds of verbal tirades that we’re used to seeing on the evening news, with folks spinning the situation from "This means the game is ultra-popular; that’s great!" to "This means Trion’s failed; I’m leaving!" It’s more fun if you sung the comments in a high-pitched dramatic voice, perhaps with friends as part of a pantomime eve online isk thing.
For its part, Trion Worlds didn’t hesitate to bring more servers online -- I think the first one was announced about 15 or 20 minutes into the head-start. This continued all week through launch, as we now have a mind-boggling 99 or so realms from which to choose. But of course new servers weren’t the solution for people unwilling to migrate to them, which meant that the queues continued for the better part of the week in some places.
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Jeudi 28 avril 2011

Rose shared weapons task flow shape Xi Aier Raiders

LZ is the day for family, so the process only gives the family day, where God NPC Mozu horse, please spare me!
First of all, I do not have FB Caspar single detail of it.
During the single FB in the middle there is a BOSS, spider-like, called the Queen of God within the horse a horse of God.
It will drop green weapons of various occupations, if you picked up, and the weapons of this type of weapons rose interested, do not throw out or sell the NPC.
Because it is triggered by task props. (PS: drop does not include shield, the shield is only through making access to, the name is Niu Kante shield. People who are interested to play more Niang it)
The next task is the day where the British Jigsaw cabal alz village blacksmith family. QSK to the village to the place to go, you can see a man desperately in that blacksmith, do not hesitate to rush past it wants to. (PS: the next task when the Queen must have fallen in the backpack of weapons. The task of each property can be a weapon, but weapons were not available during one of the weapons at the same time 2)
Strike while the iron man will let you give him the first 11 months <God of metal casting block>. This thing can be <Dragon believers crusade war> available.
Take place in the fall the task back to the city underground fortress point, two men stood behind QSK, one man for you.
General task is to eliminate the 25 Ukraine may increase the blood strange. (PS: Although the task is carried out in the deserted Wu Dasi, but underground Shaguai LZ verify Wu Dasi also counted the task,cabal alz so a large black + small black if all cleared away, do 4 times or so.)
When you returned to him after 11 ingots obtained weapons upgrade version of the green, and blue arms. But the appearance is still ugly, is the appearance of the same level of blue weapons.
Strike while the iron man this time makes cabal alz you collect a <dark old special refining operation agent>, 20 XXX branded ingots (forget the name, but I will say with the way everyone knows how to obtain), and a <darkness Storm essence> to him.
Refining agent dark ancient technique is to conduct a mission in the temple called <Loop gold commissioned>, by destroying the temple of the BOSS, after the elimination of a chance to swap <Dragon remains> to be.
30 Dragon’s possessions can be extracted for an agent. According to the experience of LZ, the relics of the violence rate than the blue-fitted BOSS storm slightly lower probability.
This task is to eliminate one of the monastery BOSS NPC occurscabal gold after Dora shouted then.
The cast of 20 XXX branded block, is also emerging in the eradication of NPC Dora opt to purchase, buy enough for about 20 to 1300W.
The essence of the dark storm, God is playing out of Lu. Difficulties or are out of ordinary matter, the probability is not high nor low. You look at the RP. (PS: the cabal gold monastery and sizes of side missions to Ukraine within the quests at the same time to improve efficiency)
When you have to strike while the iron man thing, you think you get the roses to smooth the weapons?
NO. At this point you’ll also need a big red Ukraine. I believe that few of the students in the play have not played Big Bird, so I short out.
Big Bird’s final BOSS, there is a lava stove, where the task requires you to extract a thing to complete the task.
LZ is depressed jumping in the oven. Oven also came close to being killed by the lava elves. Just do not know how to extract.
Indeed. Only near the stove, click on the for-30 remains buy alz the <the dark old special refining technique agent> to complete the task.
At this point back to the city, where the show you play Tienan rose weapons it! I wish you good luck students!
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Mardi 26 avril 2011

Learn from the experience with six top five martial

5 drugs for a long time to open the server, and very few friends to play five drugs, one is incomplete because the skills of the Heart, features a 5-drug relatively new skill! I removed from the server 5 is also quite toxic long time, play against other sects are now a little bit of experience to share to everyone! I ID: yokel

We should know about:

A: 5 BB has the skills to use, you can set shortcuts.

Second: the relationship between insanity and drugs, so that explains it (you shall burn with fire a person, directly throwing a lighter on fire this man is definitely not up, then they would be asked to pour gasoline on this person! Good of runes of magic gold our Petrol is poison, poison is lighter! We can use gasoline with alcohol burning people can throw a torch burning man, OK is our alcohol and some poison gas, it is our torch lighter with several drugs)

Three: to interrupt skills, 3 poison are interrupted with a direct function of! Spiders can also arrest people skills, poison + toad heart Xiao fans can break.

IV: Control Skills: sleep poison, spider arrests skills, poison + scorpion fans heart heart

Following is a brief description of the runes of magic gold play under the battle skills and the career winning percentage

Battle-day policy (not open 90% of the tiger, the tiger to open 70%)

Idea: since the days of making the current state of Lethal is the dizziness, that is likely to be very big step! It does not matter, we can fight after the jump spell of luck, the day came when our policy Lethal control of Spider-day policy grasping skills will dismount! Then if we do not faint, then knocked on the casual kite it! Even if it does not matter halo impact, you, wake up to the kite on the line!

Key point: Note the sudden policy after day + wear, runes of magic gold gear is very powerful, small  la distance!

Processing and wind days of making the tiger: the best choice of God spread upward

Battle million to spend (99%)

Idea: better use of spiders and deadly poison, chasing million spent playing on the line, after Lotus was in no hurry to spend million, million to spend time in respect of the spider grabbed! CD up to 2 million flowers hibiscus no blood it!

Key point: Note that is Moon Water + whip flowers

Blossoms is now quite simple to play, rom gold why not spend a lot of million detoxification it?

Battle Sword of pure (80%)

Ideas: Use the centipedes and deadly poison, pay attention to JC explosion gas field, gas field who are careful, small dodge or treatments after the jump! Centipede is long term resident of the decisive sacrifice to escape, the whole to the sword on the sword of pure speed, do not worry about the sword of pure chance does not slow down you do not chase him because he can not afford to consume!

Key point: Note deceleration time students rom gold do not always hit on Tai Chi, 10 seconds, 1 time of the explosion to the gas field to be careful!

Battle QC and Bing Xin (10%)

Currently the two career to 10 can be finished with seven blasting me, so far from experience.

Battle possession of the sword (90%)

Ideas: Use the poison kills snakes or centipedes and the light sword on a full drugs throughout the state on the line after the jump, do not worry about light sword attacks, we snake more fierce than he once decisive possession of the sword for the epee God + patients go on to a variety of drugs to escape, too slow of a tsunami at the time the kite.

Key point: should not be hidden on a large set of sword training, when Tiger’s not heaven, it is tragic too.

Battle Monk (50%)

Ideas: Use the centipedes and deadly poison, buy runes of magic gold a monk of the catch 17 seconds after the jump 1 treatment, was arrested after the jump does not matter dealing with the five aggregates, did not dispose of decisive sacrifice centipede, and then call a centipede. We are the deceleration of 20 feet, the monk is 12 feet or 8 feet forgotten. So be careful handling the catch, and then the monk’s broken bones, very complicated, very sad people with speed. Boys no dragon can choose to handle a variety of CD’s when God + escape, clams can also choose to sacrifice for doing Well! Monk must also remember that the output resistance can not we long, in fact, very anxious monk.

Key point: to avoid and deal with the five aggregates, and hold Long Zhuashou residual-style slowdown. Broken bones escape skills!

Overall, capital letters like this, I will not friend you say the arrangement skills, ah, ah for the opponent’s moves to deal with the class. I play you said is you have this sense of ideas and thoughts on the basic no problem!

Wait for 5 heavy toxic Open Heart 2-6, martial dodge, skills, Cheats, lack of skills! ~ ~ Ardent hope that the professional people to pointing bovine B! (General activity time for the evening)

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Samedi 23 avril 2011

As you may be aware

One of the most interesting and unexpected things to arise from online gaming is the birth of real-world economies based on the value of persistent world game characters and items.
When Ultima Online and EverQuest characters started appearing on eBay, a lot of people found it hard to believe that anyone was willing to exchange actual archeage gold for game items that are, after all, largely imaginary.
Nevertheless, trade in these digital goods continues to grow, and it has already gone from being a pastime pursued only by a Arche Age Gold handful of hard-core gamers to being a fledgling industry in its own right.
Time is Money
We’ve all heard it said that time is money. This is no less true when it comes to persistent world online games. Under normal circumstances, it can take months or even years to work a character into the upper ranks of a ArcheAge Gold game like EverQuest, or acquire some rare item that only drops on, say, the Plane of Complete Annihilation.
I guess it should come as no surprize that many people are willing to spend a little extra to get there Arche Age Gold faster. In fact, since you’re paying by the month to play in most cases anyway, purchasing what you need to get straight to the end game may even be cost effective for some people.
Enter eBay
For those who are serious about trading in game economies, the epicenter of activity is Category 1654, Internet Games, on eBay. While not every item in the category is a game item (lately I’ve noticed quite a few manuals on how to make big money trading game items), it remains the most ArcheAge Gold popular auction for virtual marketeers.
Dr. Edward Castronova, an economics professor at California State University, has been compiling statistics related to the category, and in 2004 it racked up over $22 million in total sales. Several entrepeneurs have taken notice of this and started other auctions and currency exchanges that specialize in virtual game property.
As you may be aware, Blizzard added ArcheAge Gold discounts for people when they were buying somewhere they are in good standing at, so if you are Friendly with the faction that has your racial mount, you will receive a 5% discount, if you are Honored, you will receive a 10% discount, if you are Revered, you will receive a 15% discount, and if you are Exalted, there will be a 20% discount to your mounts cost of archeage gold.
Paladins and Warlocks receive another kind of discount - by reaching level 40, they automatically learn Apprentice Riding along with the spell to summon their mount. If they also are inclined to Cheap ArcheAge Gold complete their epic mount quest when they hit level 60, they will also receive the appropriate training when they do so, this, however, is far pricier, and more time consuming.
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